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23 June
ormond, Florida, United States
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Flagler College - St. Augustine FL (2005 present)
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1776, 60's rock, albert einstien, argo, at the drive in, austin city limits, b.b. king, bach, barry white, baseball, basketball, ben folds, ben harper, bernie mac, blues, blues traveler, bob marley, books, braid, brand nizzle, cereal, change, cheap tickets, chinese food, church, coffee shops, coldplay, conan o'brien, cool hand luke, copeland, curtis mayfield, dang homie, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, david crowder band, david gray, dead poetic, death cab for cutie, drama, drums, encino man, ferris bueller's day off, five iron frenzy, food, football, french, friends, funk, funny girls, further seems forever, god, good times, guitar teaching :), half hour showers, hammocks, happiness, italian food, ivory intentions, jack black, james brown, jamming, jars of clay, jazz, jesus, jimi hendrix, jimmy eat world, john mayer, judaism, keyboards, lame jokes, lauryn hill, learning big words, lenny kravitz, make believe, manhunt, matchbox twenty, mewithoutyou, mini golf, minus the bear, movies, music, mxpx, my cats, napping, night time, no alarms, no name bands, norma jean, not getting hair cuts, not godsmack, notwist, outkast, owen, p.o.d., peace, pedro the lion, piano, playing bass, playing chess, playing guitar, poetry, pootie tang, q and not you, radiohead, rage against the machine, reggea, relaxing, root beer floats, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, smoochies, smoothies, snl, song writing, stand-up bass, string sections, summer, the beach, the beatles, the bible, the lights never lie, the postal service, the princess bride, the supertones, the van band, theatre, thrift stores, trust, unplugged shows, vocal harmonies, vw bus, weekends, wilco, x-men, zzz's
"I have bear in my heritage. This helps when applying for colleges." - eric (circa 2005)

"I will eat you alive." - eric (circa always)

editing bio - eric (circa dec. 2008)